The Names and Attributes of Allah

The Almighty Allah, who created all universes, holds a power, strength and might which exceed our knowledge or imagination.

The data that we have reached so far indicates that our universe was created 13.82 billion years ago and has a width of 94 billion light years (one light year is 95 trillion kilometers). In the universe there are 2 trillion galaxies formed by stars like the Sun and an average of 200 billion stars and countless planets per galaxy. Each of these countless planets portrays different characteristics, but none of the ones we know are suitable for living.

When we look the unique Earth, which is the only planet suitable for living things, we can see one of a kind works of art. Almost everything on this planet was prepared in advance for us humans. For example, today we use the fossil fuels formed by trees which have been underground since X million years ago as oil or the precious stones as diamonds. We see a marvelous bio-technology in both the human body and in the world, which exceeds even the latest technology.

The accepted and proved scientific theories of the creation of the universe say that the universe was originally created from a singularity. Again, according to scientific data, the time that we currently exist in has also been created together with the universe.

Well, does the Almighty Creator, who created time and the universe, and therefore the ruler of the universe really need us?

Why were we created?

The Almighty Allah, the ruler of space and time, does not need us to build technology, art, or anything. As the Qur’an states, the point of our creation is to get to know and serve our creator.

“I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me.” Surah Adh-Dhariyat, Ayat 56

The Supreme Creator has created us and informed us of the own existence of (itself). What the creator wants from us is to know ourselves, understand our role in this universe, and do our part.

Someone who wants to recognize and know the creator

The basic tasks of people are to recognize the creator whom they worship and to believe and obey the creator.

Human beings have been informed at least a bit about the universe and creation with scientific developments in the last hundred years. But even this information could only be a means of asking new questions. In this case, our recognition of our Creator can only occur with what the creator has informed us of.

But even with what you have read so far, we are able to understand that the Almighty Allah holds a power over all kinds of power and might. Even if we look at it from a logical perspective, if we had more than one creator in this universe, it is undeniable that every creator would take its own creations aside and surely those creators would try to dominate each other, and the order of the universe would be ruined. (Surah al-Mu’minun, Ayat 91)

We can indisputably say that our Creator is one, the creator’s power and sovereignty encompasses everything. These are the fundamental messages of holy books.

What are the other features of the Supreme Creator?

Allah (c.c.) is deprived of any weaknesses that people know of or not. Allah is full of love towards us and Allah is the creator of creations, and holder of infinite mercy, compassion, and affection. Allah covers flaws and imperfections and holds infinite forgiveness and compassion.

The Almighty Allah inhibits all the best features and is far away from bad attributes. We know of the 99 names of Allah. We’re going to deal with only five of them here.

No force can judge Allah. Although Allah has a right to do everything, Allah provides the needs of each being, is compassionate, merciful, protective, forgiving and encompassing without distinguishing between good-bad, rich-poor or obedient-rebellious. Allah has made it an obligation for own-self, to have mercy towards friends and enemies without expecting anything in return. Everybody will have the blessings of Allah in this world, whether they obey Allah’s commandments and prohibitions or not and this is what the Gracious Creator’s name, Rahman offers us.

Allah, the Raheem, has stated that Allah will pay special attention to those who follow the religion Allah has sent, who obey, who perform the declared prayers, who spend their wealth for the sake of Allah, who are patient, who preach the good and prevent the bad, who invite people to Allah’s message, who listen to the Holy Books and who fear the afterlife. These people are the ones who obey the commandments and prohibitions of Allah unlike the previous ones, and as a result of these behaviors they will be forgiven for their sins and be among the ones who have won Allah’s sake.

Malik, another name of our Supreme Creator, means the sole owner and ruler of all universe (s) and all creatures. Allah is the one who creates everything from nothing, and everything that is created works in a perfect manner. Allah created everything known or unknown and is not dependent on anything, but all things are dependent on Allah. Allah is also the one and only Owner of the wealth or children that people own. Allah can do whatever Allah wills and whatever Allah wills to be done, but nothing or nobody can force Allah to do anything. Allah, who holds the only unique power is worthy of worship.

The name Kuddus, which is another name of our Supreme Creator, means the one free from any lack, ugliness and imperfections and the one who holds all good qualities and is praised for beauty and goodness. The only sacred being and the absolute and infinite source of sacredness is Allah. By attributing the name Kuddus to the Almighty Allah, we exclude Allah from having any similar substitute or partner, from having a child, from being a being that can be seen with the eyes, from being limited within space, time and everything we construct with our imagination and all kinds of defects and deficiencies.

Almighty Allah, who created the material universe, also gave us spiritual feelings such as peace, harmony and love. What is expected from the person who deserves to go to heaven is to be able to control the bad habits given to the person and to increase the good habits. Another name of the Almighty Allah, which gives us these good qualities, is Salam, which means the unique and matchless as well as absolute and endless source of peace, welfare and happiness. Islam is the name of the path that Allah has sent us in all the heavenly religions, in which peace and tranquility can be found in the material and spiritual world of the self. Peace and tranquility stand at the core of existence and Islam works in order to make the human a part of this harmony and does not allow the human to disrupt it. The teachings of Islam are common and unchanging truths of mankind that can be applied to all times and places, and that is why all Prophets are prophets of Islam, making their followers who follow Islam: Muslims. Along with this, Allah expects the human to submit and obey voluntarily and willingly.

When Muslims meet each other, they say “Peace be upon you”, but although this is said with the tongue, the fact that it is not integrated into the heart is obvious.