Quran, The Holy Book of Islam Religion

Was the Quran sent to Arabs only?

Before the Qur’an descended, sacred texts had already been sent to some prophets. As you can see in the list below, some of them were sent as books and some as scripts

Prophet Adam 10 pages
Prophet Seth 50 pages
Prophet Idris 30 pages
Prophet Abraham 10 pages
Prophet Moses Torah
Prophet David Psalm
Prophet Jesus Bible
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) The Holy Quran

However sad it may be, everyone should accept the fact that all the holy scriptures named above except the Qur’an have been lost in time or do not remain in its original format.

Throughout the history of mankind, the Supreme Creator has reached many people through prophets many times, sending written messages to remind people of what has been forgotten. People have stubbornly altered and forgotten these messages every time.
For this reason, the last divine message has been sent to all mankind.

Finally, the Almighty Creator declared that the last book sent cannot be changed and that the Creator will be the protector of this book.
As a precaution against the destruction of the originality of the book, Muslims are still very careful and sensitive about reading the Qur’an word by word and memorizing it.

Why are religions different if the Supreme Creator is one?

All the divine messages that come from the first prophet Adam until the last prophet Hz. Mohammad are fundamentally the same. Each religion has its own characteristics and requirements, depending on the characteristics of the period or on the differences of its members.

Those who follow Islam are called Muslims. It is stated many times in the Qur’an that it is a continuation of the previous books and that the people following the previous religions are also Muslims, meaning that the religion sent by Allah has always been Islam.

How was the Qur’an preserved?

The Prophet (PBUH) first announced the revelations that came to him to people, then made them write the revelations down. Because the revelations came from different sections in a mixed format, the angel Gabriel informed him about which surahs the verses belonged to.

Revelation clerks commissioned by the Prophet (PBUH) were writing the incoming sentences on existing material. In this period, a significant increase in the number of literate people in Mecca and Medina was seen. At the same time, whether appointed or not, many people were memorizing the messages and reciting them to each other to double check if they were correct.

In order to prevent any mistakes in the revelations, Prophet Mohammad and angel Gabriel would cite the verses which had been sent until that point, during the months of Ramadan. Especially in the year that Prophet Mohammad passed away, they had held the recitation twice in the month of Ramadan. It was later turned into a book between two hard covers, reproduced and spread around to surrounding lands.

Is the Quran truly divine?

As you know, many miracles took place during the Jewish and Christian periods.

Muslims believe in miracles such as Prophet Jesus speaking in the cradle, resurrecting the dead, healing sickness, informing on what his tribe ate or hid in order to eat etc. Prophet Moses splitting the red sea, bursting of water he hits his staff down, the shadow of the clouds over his people etc.

Well, if you ask whether Muslims do not have miracles or not, we can tell you immediately, Prophet Mohammad’s biggest miracle was the Qur’an.

The miracles of Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus have taken place about 2,000 years ago and as a result their effect has diminished with the passing of time and sometimes even ignored. However, Prophet Mohammad’s greatest miracle can still be bought from a bookstore.

How was the Qur’an revealed?

The Qur’an has been directly transferred to Prophet Mohammad’s memory in words and sentences through the angel Gabriel.

When Prophet Mohammad was 40 years old, the angel Gabriel came to him for the first time and said “read”. When Prophet Mohammad answered, “I don’t know how to read”, the angel squeezed him tightly then let him go. Then he said “read” again. When Prophet Mohammad said, “I do not know how to read” again,

Gabriel squeezed him one more time and let go. After receiving the same answer for the third time, Gabriel squeezed and let go of him and said, “Yaratan rabbinin adiyla oku. O, insanı aşılanmış bir yumurtadan yarattı. Oku! Rabbin nihayetsiz kerem sahibidir. O kalemle öğretendir. O insana bilmediğini öğretti” ayetlerini (Alak Suresi 1-5. Ayetler) and then left.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who was terrified returned home to his wife, Khadija and said “Cover me with something” and after resting a bit explained what had taken place to his wife. They went to see Khadija’s uncle’s son, Waraka ibn Nawfal. Waraka told Prophet Mohammad that it was Gabriel who had visited him and that he had also come to Prophet Moses, he also said that if he is alive when the announcement of the revelations start, that he would abide to him and help him. (Musnad, VI, 232; Bukhari, “Bed’ul-wahy”, 3; Muslim, “Iman”, 252)

Prophet Mohammad had started the revelation of the Qur’an with this event and it lasted for 23 years.