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talkislam.info is a non-profit web site prepared with personal initiatives.

The digital age we have entered with the new century has pushed people towards a more superficial, hasty and anxious life away from the purpose of existence. We are no longer satisfied with anything and we are getting lonelier in the crowds while not realizing how time is flying in the rush of daily life. Ultimately, we live far away from the essential information that we need, and as a result we live a life far from centering the things that our Creator has ordered us to do in our life.

The talkislam site tries to reach you by adapting to the developing social communication skills of the time. Information is given purposefully from short to more detail in a certain method.

Independence of talkislam.info

This website has nothing to do with is not linked to or related to any state or institution.

No work has been carried out on this website for the purpose of obtaining material profit, such as advertising, promotion or product sale, and Allah willing will not be done.

Content Used in the Site

It was taken care to use works prepared by widely participated boards instead of individually prepared works while preparing the articles.


In this website, common ethical principles were taken into consideration and the necessary permissions of all the articles used were taken from the authorized institutions, publishers or authors. In the compilation articles, the names of the works used are referred to in the references.

If you want to use the articles on our site in any medium, please contact the source first and request permission from the author. In case you are not able to reach them, please indicate the relevant source and also our website in your references.

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All photographs, pictures and drawings used on the site are used within the following permissions.

  • Works owned by talkislam.info and dedicated to the public domain by refraining from their copyrights.
  • Works open to public use which do not have a copyright by permission of the author (CC0).
  • Works with the right to use through license fee payment
  • The narration of the letters used in the letters of the Quran page are taken with the special permission of the Arabic Quick site. Please ask for permission from Arabic Quick for re-use.

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All is for the sake of Allah.

Effort is from us while guidance is from Allah.