Concept of God in Islam

Muslims believe in the Almighty, one of a kind, the unborn, the Almighty creator that is to say, Allah. This belief is the most important and fundamental concept of Islam.

Allah is the one who created time and the universe from nothing, so this is why the nonexistence of Allah is unimaginable. Allah, the creator of the universe has such wisdom and power that it is far beyond the values we can understand and therefore, none of the praises which express competence and transcendence and none of the praise nouns and adjectives can keep up with the attributes of Allah. Therefore, Allah is worthy of all praise.

Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (PBUH) and all other prophets were sent to reveal the glory of Allah, the unique Creator, and to guide the people on how to worship.

Are these real?

At some point in our lives, we may have asked ourselves these questions: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Is there a power that has created us, or have we simply come into being in the universe? What will happen to us after we die? Is death just a cold end or will we move on to other new worlds after death?

In order to answer these questions, we should first research whether or not there is a force which has created us.  Those who say that they already know the answer should first try to understand the power and might of Allah and question the self in relation to this infinite power.

It is worth noting that even an ordinary grain of sand is proof enough for those who believe in the existence of Allah! If you still do not believe, here are some of the concrete, measurable and scientific evidences as follows;

– The universe was created from a starting point, then what has caused this start?

As you know, the accepted theory about the creation of our universe is the Big Bang Theory.

To explain the theory simply, the universe and timeline which we live in and is continually expanding, began to exist 13.8 billion years ago with a very powerful explosion. When the temperature was over 10 billion degrees, during the first minutes, the smaller particles joined together and formed atoms and this process continued to grow and merge to form the universe and the vitality of our world today. The Big Bang Theory, which has been proven many times through scientific observations, also necessitates the existence of a singularity at the beginning of the cosmic time!

In this case, we now know that matter and time have emerged with the Big Bang.

So then, doesn’t the reason causing matter and time to emerge have to be independent of matter and time of our own universe? In other words, the power which causes matter and time to exist has to be independent of matter and time itself. That is, it needs to be a power that can exist infinitely and eternally. For a more detailed explanation of the Big Bang theory, visit our Big Bang Theory page.

– There’s a fine tune in this universe!

We can see as results of new research that the conditions which enable us to live in our universe could only be formed by the existing values of the physical assets in the universe. So, if we didn’t have the very fine precise tunes that have been valid since the creation of the universe up until now, we wouldn’t have existed.
For example, when the universe was about 380 thousand years old, if the ratio of substances in it was less or more than 1010123 out of one, this universe could not have existed for such a long time or would not be suitable for living.

Another example is the cosmological constant (Λ) which symbols the expansion of our universe. As you know, our universe is expanding like particles spreading around after a large explosion, and it even keeps on expanding opposed to the gravitational forces of the planets / stars / galaxies inside of it. We call this constant of expansion, the cosmological constant, and if it had been even a bit less than 10120 out of one, the universe would already have collapsed within.
A final example we could give is the gravitational constant (G) which is a constant that helps us find the gravitational force between two bodies in a universe. However, if this constant was less than or more than 1060 out of one, our universe would not have existed until now.

We only gave three examples of the fine tunes found in the universe and more can be given. But the point is that it is beyond impossible that all of these sensitive tunes exist all together in the same setting. This is something which cannot be calculated or depicted by probability. Our universe is created by the Almighty Allah, who is independent of time and space and possesses all wisdom, and this universe has been created out of nothing with fine tunes in such a way that life still continues to exist. If you want to get more detailed information about the fine tunes in the universe, please visit our Fine Tunes Argument page.

– Everything is in perfect harmony, what do we mean by everything?

Thanks to the Precise Tunes mentioned above, life in our world continues to exist with an incredible harmony.

If we take a look at the Earth which we can also say is our environment, we can see that plants, animals, the climatic conditions, nature or to cut it short, everything is in perfect harmony. Thanks to the perfect harmony in the proportions of nuclear, electromagnetic, gravitational forces and the substances that make up the universe, our planet which is called the Earth contains beautifully great liveliness.

One of the harmonic proportions we have detected is the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio, which we can roughly refer to as the best way of dividing a whole into two, is often seen in our observations. We can see the Golden Ratio harmony in the human body, plants, animals, galaxies, the timeline, and basically everywhere. For detailed information, please visit the Perfect Harmony of the Universe page.


If we take a look at what we have read so far, matter and time (universe and life) were created by the Almighty Allah 13.8 billion years ago.

The reason why our ever-expanding universe has existed to this day without any harm is because it was created with very fine and precise tunes.

The reason why life continues to perfectly exist until now is the perfect harmony which has been valid from the beginning until now.