Fine-tuned Universe

As a result of advances in technological devices, we are now able to perform more advanced measurements and present our scientific calculations with more precise expressions. The new cosmological calculations tell us that they our universe has been designed with very precise tunes from the very beginning until now.

Now let’s have a look at what these calculations are. To get a better understanding of this, let’s first take a look at the size of our universe.

Our universe is 13.8 billion years old and has been growing / expanding for that many years. As we mentioned in our Big Bang article, our universe has been initiated by the collision of only a few subatomic particles created by the Almighty God at a tremendous temperature and has reached to a magnitude of 93 billion light years today.

In order to understand the size of the universe, it would be appropriate to describe it as follows;
If a teleportation device was to be invented and you wanted to go from one end of the universe to the other at the speed of light, your journey would last as long as 93 billion years plus the time that would be added due to the expansion of the universe. For those who wonder about the distance, we could say that a light year is 95 trillion kilometers and you will have to multiply 93 billion with 95 trillion kilometers.

What is the fine-tuned universe?

Mass and Energy

As you can read in our Big Bang article, the first lights started to infiltrate after 380 thousand years from the beginning and the image of this moment was recorded by the WMAP satellite. Based on this image, we see that 12% of the universe consists of atoms, 15% of photons, 10% of neutrons and 63% of dark matter. Now, this structure has changed completely, but we realize that if a different value than 10123 had been used then our universe could not have reached its present age.

Cosmological Constant

As we’ve just mentioned, we have an ever-expanding universe, and most of the galaxies that are made up of planets / stars which are moving away from each other, but instead of expanding why don’t we move towards to center because of the universal gravitational law? Also, why doesn’t our world move away from the Sun or why doesn’t the galaxy Andromeda the closest galaxy to us separate from us and go far away?

All of these have two explanations;

Our universe expands by being accelerated (increasing its speed) by a force that we call dark energy (because we don’t know what it is). We call the intensity of this acceleration the cosmological constant (Λ) The expansion speed of our universe, which has been expanding for 13.7 billion years, has been set so precisely that the galaxies in the universe are not scattered around our universe does not collapse due to gravitational force.

This acceleration force is exactly what it should be. Even more is that if this acceleration had been a little lesser than 10120 out of one, our universe would have collapsed within or if it had been too much, it could have been ruptured and scattered due to the expansion.
Why doesn’t the same force scatter our galaxy away?

The density of the Milky Way galaxy that we are in is actually less than the gravity expected to hold the planet and the stars together. So actually, with the current gravitational force, it would have been expected that our galaxy scattered away. What we call the dark matter is the name of the force that holds us together, and it is a matter which we don’t know what it is but also holds a gravitational force like the planet or the stars.

Powerful Nuclear Force

There are four fundamental forces that we can observe and measure in our universe. The strongest of these is the powerful nuclear force.
As you know, atoms are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and Neutrons rotate around the atomic nucleus and electrons around in an orbit. Protons are positively charged, neutrons are neutral, and electrons are negatively charged.

Everything is okay up to this point, but how is it that protons which should be pushing each other away can stay together?
The answer to this question is a powerful nuclear force and its carriers are the gluons that hold the quarks forming the protons together. The more protons in the nucleus, the greater is the strength of the nucleus and this power is too much. The force between the two quarks may correspond to a pressure of 16 tons on earth.

The Hydrogen atom which is the first on the period table and the lightest atom to be found is the beginning of life. Hydrogens converged to form Helium, Lithium and other atoms. When we look at the process of Helium formation from Hydrogen, we see that 0.7% of the energy produced by two hydrogen atoms is emitted as heat and light. If this temperature emission had been slightly less than 0.7%, the expected formation of the deuterium atom would not have taken place, because one of the protons coming from both Hydrogens would not be able to bind the other as a Neutron. So, if you ask what this means, it means that the universe would only consist of Hydrogen and no other atoms, so no life would have existed. For those who are curious, the universe cannot form from the excessive release of energy.

So how do these things happen?

It is beyond the impossibility that all of the precise calculations, which we have widely mentioned only a few of and the others we have listed, are found in the same universe, and cannot be imagined and calculated with probabilities.

Our universe is created by the Almighty Allah, who is independent of time and space, and possesses all the sciences, and the universe has been created from nothing with such precise calculations so that life could occur.

In the light of the signs that science has shown to us, we now have more knowledge, and science informs us about the existence of the Supreme Creator in a clear, distinct, and loud way. In a situation where probability calculations collapse, all that human beings need to do is take refuge in the power of the Creator, remember that one is a servant and to worship.

What is the highest number you know?

For example, mine is quadrillion and quadrillion has 18 zeros, but the probability of us finding the right cosmological constant is 10120 out of one, meaning that there are 120 zeros next to 10, you can find the right ratio when you try that many times. So, let’s say we are forming a universe and we have found the cosmological constant in first try, now the value that needs to be found can be found in a 1060 out of one probability. And we have to say that you have to find these two values one after the after in the same try. For those who are curious, there are also 29 different values that I have listed below which have to be found in the same way.

If you ask how big the number 10120 is, I will write it down below.

Here is the full list?

  • Strong nuclear force constant

  • Weak nuclear force constant

  • Gravitational force constant

  • Electromagnetic force constant

  • Cosmological constant

  • Expansion rate of the universe

  • Average distance between galaxies

  • Ratio of neutron mass to proton mass

  • Mass of the neutrino

  • Density of galaxy cluster

  • Entropy level of the universe

  • Initial uniformity of radiation

  • Polarity of the water molecule

  • Velocity of light

  • Ratio of electromagnetic force constant to gravitational force constant

  • Ratio of electron to proton mass

  • Ratio of exotic matter mass to ordinary matter mass

  • Supernovae eruptions

  • White dwarf binaries

  • Big bang ripples

  • Decay rate of protons

  • Uncertainty magnitude in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle

  • Size of the relativistic dilation factor

  • Ratio of number of protons to number of electrons

  • Mass density of the universe

  • Age of the universe

Answers to Other Opinions

Multiple Universe! Multiple Universe!

Now if you say, “There is a vicious circle here because if physical constants did not exist, we would not have existed and if we did not exist these physical constants would not have been detected”, well, let me remind you of your math class.

The values mentioned here have played an important role in the formation of our universe and we are talking about a universe which could not have survived for 13.8 billion years even if one of the constants was different. So, if you support this view, you must be saying that our universe has trying to form itself 10640 times (there are 640 zeros alongside 10), but it has failed because of the wrong values.

Of course, you should also be talking about a machine which works continuously on the formation of the universe in an unconscious way.
This “thing” trying to form the universe has tried 10120 times until the first matter was finally formed but these universes could not form but on the 10120th time it finally works but it isn’t over yet, the “thing” has to find the first and the second matter consecutively in the same try. Or let me just say, all the 29 matters have to be found consecutively so that our universe could come into being and we could live in it. In the meantime, I have to say that this “thing” must be unconscious, because if it is conscious, you have already found the Almighty Allah. So, if this unconscious “thing” tries 10640 times, how will it decide that it has found the right value every time it starts to try another precise calculation?

Our universe is created by the Almighty Allah, who is independent of time and space, and possesses all the sciences, and the universe has been created from nothing with such precise calculations so that life could occur.

Different Universe?

There is also the idea that there might be other lively creatures living on other planets which remind me of the movie Star Trek. A thesis derived from the purposeful interpretation of a few irregularities that are not based on any scientific basis or observation.

Continuous Universe…

According to this view, our universe which has been expanding for 13.8 billion years with an increasing acceleration will come back to its initial point which it was composed of 2 subatomic particles and will start to collapse inwards and the big bang will continue as the big collapse. Of course, every time the values we mentioned above have to be found or else the life of the new universe would be too short, and this discovery needs to be tried 10640 times which I think will take a lot of time.

If the expansion of the universe had not been discovered by Hubble in 1929, and even if it had not been found that universe expands with acceleration in 1998, this theory could have been an option. However, as a result of scientific observations, we now know that our universe is expanding by increasing its speed by 1% every 44 million years.

Creation of the Universe with Different Fine Tunes

The proportions of the forces mentioned above or the proportions of the substances in our universe are not formed because they affect one another. I have heard that a computer simulation was carried out to show that if one of the proportions was changed the other would also change making life possible. Actually, I haven’t researched it yet, I don’t need the feel to research, but I’ll try to learn about it and write it here for you.