Apparently, today is Gratuitously Insult Mohammed Day. The high-minded nonsensical rhetoric about “defending” freedom from fringe extremists is typical. Certainly the vast bulk of the submissions are nothing more than crude expressions of childish obscenity.

Well done, defenders of the West. You’ve infantilized yourselves. It’s a shame to see many people I respect, including people I continue to call good friends, buying into this sort of provacation and deluding themselves that it has any redeeming motive.

But yes, it is your right to act in this self-degrading manner. One (non-muslim) blogger has penned an excellent critique, well-worth reading in full, which concludes:

Certainly, in a free society, critics of Islam have every right to cause gratuitous offence to Muslims if they so choose. I’m a free-speech absolutist: no topic and no opinion should be suppressed by violence, in any circumstances. But, equally, I am entitled to point out that they are perpetuating bigotry, even if inadvertently, and causing hurt to an already-oppressed minority.