Yakoub Islam provides some links on blog…

Yakoub Islam provides some links on blogs and articles discussing Jack Straw’s racial slur that ‘men of Pakistani heritage’ are more likely to want to rape young white girls. One link he doesn’t post is Chris Dillow’s examination of the evidence for Straw’s charge.

With the removal of convicted liar Phil Woolas from his job as MP for the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency, perhaps Straw was making sure the Labour Party was not seen as soft towards demonised minorities in the run up to the by-election there this week. (The only reason Oldham East and Saddleworth is having a by-election is because Woolas was found to have lied about his Liberal Democrat opponent during last year’s general election.)

And you can always rely on the ludicrous and self-important middle-class liberal concern troll Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to inject herself into a story involving the ‘minority’ group, with which she has a superficial attachment and which only ever serves as a vehicle for her self-promotion. You won’t be surprised to be read that she ‘agrees’ with Straw.

All of which puts Straw, and those claim agreement with him (like Alibhai-Brown and Adil Ray), on par with the increasingly deranged bigot Mad Mel.