What may be ‘the Western world’s first…

What may be ‘the Western world’s first English-speaking online Muslim radio station’ was launched recently in Orange County, CA.

“As a community we feel very frustrated by the misconception and misinformation portrayed by the media,” Nour Matar said. “We can understand that there are a lot of bad actions done in the name of Islam. In order for us to combat that we have to let our voice be heard as Muslims Americans living in the U.S.”

OneLegacyradio.com can be downloaded as an application on any smart phone, providing listeners with a daily dose of Islamic teachings on everything from weight loss to relationship advice at any time of the day. It even tackles contentious topics, such as the radicalization of Muslim youth.

“We don’t just talk about what the Koran says and that’s it,” Matar said. “We are beyond that. We talk about social issues, but from an Islamic perspective or Islamic background. We’re a place where people can come in and learn about Islam and to communicate with the Muslim community.”

And it’s not just for Muslims:

On a recent afternoon, Matar, a Jordan immigrant, urged the radio hosts to not use as many Arabic words in their greeting to ensure that non-Arab listeners feel welcome.

There’s also an interesting discussion of the different character of the New York Muslim community versus the Orange County Muslim community which boils down to one thing: Physical proximity to 9/11.