I thought this article might be of inter…

I thought this article might be of interest, given the recent developments in Baluchistan. It reveals several things that would be of relevance to those intrigued or reading on Pakistani history, most notably the 1971 Baluch uprising, the relationship between nationalist politics in Pakistan and socialism and the min-adventures of a group of middle-class, (largely) Punabi socialists, from the London Group, that participated in that war.

Of particular interest is the mention of Ahmed Rashid’s participation, amongst several other current intellectual luminaries and their activities during the guerilla war.

Unfortunately, Ahmed was not a good rifleman. He could not shoot very well. In the Baloch culture, they expect you to do all these things but when you are unable then you stand out as somebody who is alien to the culture and life style.

Given the combat performance described, I think we can all be grateful that Rashid put down his AK-47 and picked up a pen!!!