Find a fatwa: in response to my piece ab…

Find a fatwa: in response to my piece about muslim soldiers, Umar quotes a few fatwas that are most emphatically against muslims serving in the “kuffar” army. He asks whether anyone can find examples of fatwas of the opposing view. I’m curious myself, I assume there certainly are (and that Umar will immediately find fault with the messenger – but thats what we all do when their message is not to our liking). What are the pro-serving fatwas?

My position was not to take sides on teh issue but rather to point out that a muslim can make a reasonable reading of Qur’anic verses to justify the argument that they can serve. Umar’s examples of fatwas invoke unrelated verses and are more of the al wala wal bara variety.

Incidentally, the comment thread at Umar’s post has a fantastic first comment which (tellingly) goes unanswered, as well as this later comment which (like my post) also touches on the hypocrisy of tose who would invoke al wala wal bara but yet remain living in the West. On that score, at least, no one can accuse Anwar al Awlaki of being a hypocrite. What is the excuse of muslims like Umar or the shayks he invokes?