Krista at MMW begins a conversation abou…

Krista at MMW begins a conversation about the recent killing of three sibling girls and their mother in Canada. I really appreciate her approach to this incident, relative to some other coverage there (Aqsa Parvez) which I felt was more purely a defensive response. Krista wants to challenge media coverage that dogwhistles anti-Muslim generalizations and prejudice while not sweeping aside the underlying issues within the Muslim community either.

From an update:

…my original goal for this post was actually to use this article as a starting point for trying to figure out how to have these conversations about violence within Muslim communities, in ways that address the violence properly and fully, without feeding into perceptions of Muslims as all uniquely violent/patriarchal/oppressive in ways that other religious and/or cultural communities aren’t. I wanted to come back to a question of how to engage with some of the more problematic media representations without ignoring the actual problems that are happening.

She’s bringing up something that I think must be a central issue for other Muslim bloggers, and certainly something that I think about when I post here at TI.

Particular to my own situation as a convert, I want to discuss, address and confront issues in the Muslim community that diminish my iman and tend to drive me away from Islam in order to recover myself to the religion and not get stuck, but I don’t want to feed the Jafis and the general prejudices of the society against Muslims in the process.