Neocons for Ahmadinejad. Who would Dani…

Neocons for Ahmadinejad.

Who would Daniel Pipes vote for in the Iranian election?

“I’m sometimes asked who I would vote for if I were enfranchised in this election, and I think that, with due hesitance, I would vote for Ahmadinejad.”

Daniel Luban explains:

A more moderate president would threaten to puncture the hysterical and apocalyptic atmosphere in which discussion of the Iranian nuclear program is currently conducted.

And then there is this:

Also of related interest is the right’s angry reaction to the release of Roxana Saberi — on display, for example, in this James Kirchick monologue. From the hawks’ perspective, of course, the ideal outcome politically speaking would have been for Iran to execute Saberi, preferably in the most brutal and medieval fashion possible.

Typical neocons, expressing a fervent desire for everything to get worse. I just can’t trust these guys to run the country. If they knew of a pending terrorist attack, would they stop it, or let it happen because of all the opportunities it would create to advance their agenda?