New Muslim Cool Documentary

I got a chance last night to see a screening of a new documentary “New Muslim Cool” which will be broadcast on PBS as part of the P.O.V. series on June 23. There are also a number of screenings of the film being held around the country.

I encourage everyone to check it out. Although I am somewhat biased in that I know the main focus of the film, Puerto Rican Muslim convert and rapper Hamza Perez, I can say without hesitation as someone who has spent most of my 15 plus years as a Muslim in poor inner city communities, this is by far the most accurate portrayal of the reality of those communities that I’ve seen in the media. Although Hamza being Latino, and being part of a particular jam’aat represents a specific experience, the vast majority of the issues addressed in the film will be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s spent time in inner city convert communities here in the U.S.

I think this film would be a good addition to the glossy state department brochures about how great life is for Muslims in America. It gives a fuller, more human, and more real portrait, at least to my experience.