I just came across, via Andrew Sullivan …

I just came across, via Andrew Sullivan links to a couple of posts by Hussein Rashid. One was a Muslim statement against torture, which was signed by several TI bloggers. That’s all well and good. I am for any statement against torture.

Unfortunately, the other post, to which the torture statement was said to be a response, was an ignorant and nonsensical claim that American Muslims had been silent about torture. It is both unfortunate that Mr. Rashid is so detached from the Muslim community he hadn’t heard any of the previous statements against torture, it is sad that he couldn’t be troubled to use google or simply pay a visit to ISNA’s website before making such a claim, and it is troubling that someone like Andrew Sullivan (whom I admire a great deal) picked up such information and ran with it, publicizing such an unjust smear against the Muslim community to his deservedly wide readership.

I don’t have time to google all the organizations who have made statements against torture, but suffice it to say that ISNA, the largest Muslim umbrella organization in America, was a founding member of the National Religious Campaign to End Torture in 2006 and numerous other Muslim orgs are endorsers or participants in that campaign and have been for years. There have been letter writing campaigns, newspaper advertisments and national days of action. There are individuals and orgs here in Chicago who have been organizing and holding events against torture for a decade or more, working together with Muslims and Muslim organizations as well as non-Muslims. CAIR and MAS Freedom have had different campaigns and action alerts against torture for years.

Again, a New statement against torture is all well and good. But I am disturbed by the tendency manifested here of small isolated pockets of the blogosphere to make false claims about the rest of the community in ignorance and self-importantly claim that they are somehow uniquely virtuous amongst Muslims.