Someone email this chart to Nicholas Kristof and Mia Farrow (click image):


Read the full report from FAIR, which notes (my emphasis):

At the time, daily State Department press briefings often highlighted the conflict, drawing particular attention to the plight of Rwandan refugees. Looking at the coverage, [Alison] Holder [at the London School of Economics] found a very strong correlation between amount of press briefing attention and amount of press coverage, with coverage lagging slightly—indicating that the press corps was reacting to official announcements rather than prompting them. Content likewise took the lead from the White House, focusing mostly on Rwandan refugees (concern for whom might have helped Clinton, then in the midst of a re-election campaign, dampen criticism for his feeble response to the Rwandan genocide), not on the conflict itself.

This sort of manipulation of the news industry is covered in Flat Earth News.