follow up on my post about about isms & …

follow up on my post about about isms & multiculturalism. the multicultural ethos which is dominant, if not exclusive, among the white liberals who i spend 99% of my time with, means that they tend to give some slack to the gender relations among racial minorities (blacks) or “other cultures” (e.g., muslims). by this i mean that though when pressed they tend to express disapproval and discomfort, often they will demur at outright criticism, because of the reality of different cultural norms.

not so other people of white european background. e.g., the moderately patriarchal norms among conservative southern baptists is actually not that far from black christians (at least the idealized norm). but there is much more pointed criticism of conservative white christians for being middle-aged. i think there are two reasons for this:

1) one expects more from white people, as white people are the standard for being civilized.

2) they are the standard for being civilized because there is an implicit assumption that white civilization is not multicultural, and that liberal boston brahmins get to judge the norms of east tennessee baptists because they are of the same culture.

i think #2 is a wrong assumption.