Commentor Swarthmoor said the following …

Commentor Swarthmoor said the following over at Tariq’s site:

Just so folks are clear about the Religious judgment: uions don’t work Islamically, in the first place. An employer can hire/fire whomever he wills and for whatever reason, and he can pay the employee whatever he wants–as long as both parties agree to the contract (beforehand). The employer is not obligated to provide insurance (which is in its essence also haraam) and other bennies. If the employees don’t like what a given business offers, then they are free to go elsewhere. Very simple, and it eliminates A LOT of goernment meddling in people’s affairs.

I’ve heard reference to such an opinion about labor unions before…I also believe based on scholars I trust that health insurance is haram but it seems it may be a necessity in our situation. Anyways, what I wanted to ask was whether anyone can point me to a different opinion on labor unions or just a detailed fatwa (regardless of its verdict) on labor unions and worker’s rights from an Islamic perspective.