Not only Egyptians believe in 9/11 con …

Not only Egyptians believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories: It seems Egyptians are not alone: nearly a quarter of Germans polled think the US government had a role in 9/11.

I found the results from China, Indonesia and the Ukraine interesting — a significant number (a majority in China and Indonesia) answered don’t know. Don’t know or don’t care?

In Nigeria (a country with a large Muslim population), however, there is no such desire for conspiracies. (Although, of course, we aren’t given a Muslim/Christian breakdown.)

Lots of people will blame education. Possibly. But more literate, numerate, ‘advanced’, ‘modern’ populations were duped by Tony Blair’s propaganda pieces. I think it will be a mix of education, access to various forms of media and trust in government*.

(Via FP Passport.)

*Healthy trust demands healthy scepticism.